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You are Nature

You are Nature

Sat April 30th 2-4pm, Sun May 1st, 9-5pm, East Fremantle, WA

Art Guidance and Inspiration

Art Guidance and Inspiration

Drop in Wednesdays 6.30 -9.30pm

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Art Class Testimonials

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

Dawn is a truly gifted teacher as well as a wonderfully inspiring artist. She has helped me open up my creative talents in fun filled ways AND manifest my dream in an incredibly surprising and rapid way.

Rahima, WA

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

Perfectly paced – great balance of technique and colourful expression.

Veronica Rhodes, Perth Australia

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

The course was delightful and rewarding. Dawn was able to cut through my inhibitions and self consciousness by using dance, music and other exercises to allow me the freedom to express myself through art.

Penelope Hogridge, Perth Australia

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

My creativity had lain dormant for so long I feared it was lost forever. Dawn and Paula’s weekend workshops infused me with colour, light, sound, music and magical enthusiasm. I feel alive again! Thank you both so much.

Elly Hope

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

You will surprise yourself as I was surprised of the creative talent that lies within all of us. Delight yourself by allowing your creative expression to emerge.

Ruth Balding

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

Dawn, words can’t express my gratitude for what you have given. I think what you have given me will continue to expand and grow as my life and love of life continues. You have connected me to my soul and heart –what a beautiful gift you have.

Angi Hackett

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

It is rare to find such a person who gives so generously so you can shine with your creative talents. Dawn truly lives her work and has allowed me the freedom to express myself and gave me the confidence to uncover talents and abilities that I knew were there. Dawn and her class has been one of the best experiences in my life. I can’t wait for her next fun and exciting class.

Sonya Kay, Perth Australia

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

Dawn, words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for this amazingly powerful and transforming experience. You truly are a beautiful soul and to have been in your presence for these last eight weeks has been an absolute privilege. Your energy and passion has been contagious and your teaching of colour and painting techniques are relaxed and fun and at the same time highly skilled and professional. I discovered a creative side to myself that I had not yet given expression to. Thank you Dawn for this heart opening experience.

Amanda, WA

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

Participating in Dawn’s Art from the Heart class has been one of the most invigorating exciting personal experiences that I have ever enjoyed. The dance, the exuberant style of painting, together with Dawn’s magic teaching gift are truly an experience no one should miss in their lifetime. This has been one of the ‘crème de la crème’ times for me. A totally open, rewarding and delightful class.

Damien Hill, Perth Australia

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

There are no words for such a deeply moving and transformative experience. I can feel only images in my heart, and my dear Heart is illuminated with so many beautiful images, experiences and moments shared . I am flooded with an overwhelming sense of joy, freedom, power, grace and immense gratitude for all that has occurred. I am reconnected to Source, my Heart sings of home, and I feel the return of a deep sense of peace and trust that has been absent for so long. I know, that from here on, life will be different. I am so grateful for the experience, and for the opportunity to have spent time with such beautiful being and gifted mentor and one who is truly versed in the art of flying. Thank you Dawn for your love, support and gentle encouragement.

Sophie, West Australia

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

After many many holistic / spiritual courses and workshops, my faith has been restored. Dawn and Paula, you present a fantastic workshop so full of information & energy in a relaxed and fun environment, that in my opinion, is the best value for money I have spent on any workshop in a long long time.Thank You to both of you. This is something everyone should do once, they’ll definitely be back for more.Looking forward to the next workshop, from the person who has never painted in their life and now has two great paintings under her belt.

Michele Yelas, Perth, WA.

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

Preparing and delivering a workshop, any workshop, takes a lot of energy. This was huge, and yet, you not only did it effortlessly you did it with warmth and love. I went imagining I would mainly be learning more about colour, but instead I mainly learned more about myself… as well as some unexpected things about colour! Somehow you created a space that enabled people to journey within, while at the same time reach out and support others around them. And the unity and respect you have for each other gave the whole weekend a sense of harmony. Thank you!

Malini Parker, Perth, WA

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

If I hadn’t met you, and all your wonderful positive energy, your insight, your leadership and direction to look at things in a different light I would not be doing what I am doing today. Thank you so much. When I enrolled in Art From the Heart (with Dawn), I didn’t know anything about how to use paint or color or even draw. Through the class, I learned relaxation and visualization; new vision was unlocked from within and found its way out through my artwork. I also learned things about myself that allowed me to begin a new life. I CAN do anything!! Thank you Dawn for your mentoring and friendship.

Stephanie Mathews, California

Dawn Meader Artist Testimonial

Dawn is an inspiring and delightful teacher with a talent for distracting her students from all their firmly held doubts and misgivings about their own artistic ability. With music, dance, sensual indulgence, inner reflection, laughter and a carefully planned class structure, Dawn guides her unsuspecting students into creative explosions of colour and imagery. I could hardly believe the painting I took away at the end of the day was my own – my family and friends were all amazed and impressed too! It’s the first picture I’ve ever finished that I’ve felt proud of and wanted to frame and display. The other participants’ paintings were amazing and gorgeous too – without any exceptions.

Nicola-Jane le Breton, Denmark WA