Antidote to your Core Wound

Drawing Love and Flow into your Life

Duration: Sat May 14th, 2- 5pm, Sun May 15th, 9 -5pm , Denmark,WA | Scheduled Dates


Join me for a celebratory weekend  to create a life size painting /pastel to manifest the antidotes to your main core wounds and to expand your life into more brilliance and connection.

There are three core wounds that we all share: Shame, Abandonment and Betrayal.
We will be fairly fluent in one of them, according Mario Martinez, attracting the same story into our lives over and over again. AND there are three antidotes to these wounds;

Honour, Commitment and Loyalty.

You can find out more about your own core wound here.

The work by Brene Brown around shame has also been highly applauded around the world.”I am Enough” is the key antidote to shame and encircles all these wounds. This will be at the heart of our course.

This course is a celebration of you on all levels.

You will learn much about colour, light, form, expression and layering paint and pastel.

The class is very nurturing and engenders great connections and friendships.

During this weekend

We interweave creating more flow in all areas of your life with the antidotes to these core wounds.

I Honour You
I am Committed to You.
I am Loyal to You

This is my commitment to you

and your commitment to yourself as we draw your body each week.

It will be a celebration.

It all starts with self worth.

Create a life sized painting and pastel of yourself.

Each week there will be a guided visualisation on the three antidotes and especially on “I am Enough”.

There will be flowers and honouring Bali style.

We use essential oils, and music all to create an environment in which you can create effortlessly and tune into that part of yourself that intuitively knows how to create.

Learn how to layer pastels to create texture,light, colour, depth and mood.

Learn how to draw your portrait.

This course is a powerful, nurturing celebration of you.  There will be plenty of help with drawing and painting skills to help you more easily express yourself.

You will create an acrylic paint base and draw with pastels on top of 200gsm Canson watercolour paper.

Includes all art materials.

$280  Early Bird until April 1st  otherwise $310.

Just pay $100 now to secure your place (and early bird price) and pay the balance when you start.

Beginner and experienced artists are welcome.

The Hall bookings require that we are double vaxed to attend. Thank you. (I don’t know of another hall that doesn’t require this but if you do please let me know. I would love everyone to be able to come.)

Please come to the CWA Hall, 9 Mitchell St, Denmark.

It’ll be lovely to have you along.


Group size  max 10

by Jodie Craig

by Nadine

by Melanie Maclou

by Jodie Craig

by Beck