Expressing your emotions in layered colour

in mixed media

Duration: 6 week course | Scheduled Dates

June 14- July 19 Fridays 9.30 – 12.30pm OR

June 15- July 20 Saturdays 9.30-12.30pm


Join me over 6 weeks and learn the skill of expressing emotion with layers of colour.
Learn how to create depth, feeling, mood, light and dark , to create wonder, passion, love, sorrow, kindness, compassion, grief, joy.

Step by step, learn different ways of layering colour, either with transparent glazes in paint, or with mixed media, in acrylics, pastels and charcoal.

We explore different aspects of yourself, using the chakra system as an anchor. It may be realistic, metaphorical or purely abstract.

Base – reds, earth, passion, survival
Sacral – oranges, joy, creativity, sensuality, water
Solar –yellows, power, intellect, clarity, will
Heart –green, love, compassion
Throat –turquoise, expression of truth, creativity, communication
Third eye –indigo, wisdom, intuition
Crown – violet, divine love, consciousness

All the chakra points provide opportunities to explore self in many ways within and without, in and out of relationship.
Sometimes it will be the brush strokes on the paper or canvas that will inspire you, sometimes an image or a guided meditation.

There will be plenty of skill building, as you learn how to build colour and atmosphere, and space to experiment and feel your way into the painting with music to help you on your way.

Most materials are provided, including paint, pastels, paper and some canvas or boards.

Home baked morning tea.

Enrol for your preferred class on Friday or Saturday. You can swop occasionally if there is room in the other class.

Pay $100 deposit to book your place and pay the balance on week 1 or by arrangement. (includes GST)

$390 early bird if you book by June 7, otherwise $450.

Venue: East Fremantle Home Studio

I am really looking forward to this new course packed to the brim on every level. I hope you can join me.

All levels of experience are welcome.

Group size 6 – 10



Stepping Into Love's Light