Expressing your emotions in layered colour

in acrylics and pastels

Duration: one day workshop | Scheduled Dates

Learn the skill of expressing emotion with layers of colour.

Learn how to create depth, feeling, mood, light and dark.

Step by step, learn three different ways of layering colour,

1.With pastels, learning to create expression with light and movement.

2. With layering transparent layers of acrylic paint ( glazing) with pure colours.

3.With layering transparent layers of acrylic paint ( glazing) onto a monotone background.

Glazing is the application of transparent layers of paint to build depth of colour and luminosity. You use a glaze medium instead of water. It’s a bit like doing watercolours but with acrylics or oils. It is great fun to learn.

We explore different emotions,  using the colours of the chakra system/ colour wheel as an anchor to explore different feelings, using a mixture of abstract and realism.

Focusing on:

Sacral – oranges, corals – joy, creativity, sensuality, nurturing, connection, trust

Heart –green-  love, compassion, freedom,

Throat –turquoise- expression of truth, creativity, communication, playfulness

All art materials are provided, including paint, pastels, paper, glaze medium and some canvas or boards.

$200 early bird if you book by July 20, otherwise $220.

Venue: Old Dunsborough Hall, 44 Gifford Rd, Dunsborough


Group size 6 – 12

Stepping Into Love's Light

Glazes of yellow, sienna and burnt umber

Glazes of magenta and ultramarine blue


Ochre, Sienna and burnt umber base painting with multiple glazes on top.

Glazes of yellow, magenta, pthalo and ultramarine blue.