Finding Your Gold

Visual the gold map to your life

Duration: One day workshop 9-5.30 | Scheduled Dates

Create a life size drawing of yourself as a gold map to your life.

We will be focusing on opening up your intuition and wisdom to find the gold, the transformation, the juice that makes you feel alive.

We will use the complementary colours of Indigo and Gold as our base in acrylic paint and then use pastels on top.

Indigo relates to the gateway to universal knowledge and intuition, and gold to the alchemic transformational abilities that we all have as soul. It is also the Golden Heart

We will work through each chakra using creative visualizations and essential oil essences moving through each area of your life to gradually create a powerful drawing.

You will learn how to layer pastels to create a rich image on a painted acrylic background.

Includes all materials.

Bring a lunch to share.

Group size 8 – 14

Beginner and experienced artists welcome.

Finding Your Gold Art Workshop - Dawn Meader