Free yourself in mixed media

4 workshops

Duration: 4 weeks | Scheduled Dates


Would you like to jump in the flow and express yourself freely in art but are scared you are just going to make a big mess? Sometimes we just don’t know where to start or maybe we are fed up doing the same stuff and want to break out.

This 4 week course , gives you the freedom and guidance to paint and draw freely from your centre, whilst learning about mixing and layering colour, tone, movement, mark-making and structure. You will be encouraged to really experiment, play, have fun and be curious. Using mixed media on paper, we will spend three weeks in the studio and one outside on location.

Each week you will experiment with a variety of techniques and materials that enrich your skills so that you can more easily improvise with your art with abstract or realism.

We start the class with a little movement (fun dancing) and a guided meditation to help you connect to your body and heart.

Week 1
We line my studio with paper floor to ceiling, and create a group mural with our non-dominant hand. The power of no control means your flow gets to express unhindered. It’s great fun. You will be gradually given different colours to paint with so that the mural naturally works and all you have to think about is letting go. You’ll be painting with anything from a paint brush, to bubble wrap.

Week 2 and 3

Learn how to:

Create an abstract or realist painting that has structure, balance of colour and tonal shifts.

Learn how to:

Mix the subtle colours of different greys, violets, greens, blues, ambers with transparent layers using paint brushes, rollers, sponges. Experiment with this layering with acrylics and the vibrancy of inks.

Introduce line, detail and shade with conte, pastel, ink and graphite.

Work upright and flat to work for different paint effects.

Work and layer with textiles and printed word. Start gathering snippets of textile and poems that inspire you.

Learn how to tune into your intuition more whilst you are working for creative flow and how to work with the energy of the art masters. I have seen amazing shifts in people’s work when they start working with the master energy.

As you gather your knowledge you can work more fearlessly.

Week 4
We will continue with our mixed media expressions outside using our location as inspiration.

If you have never really expressed your heart freely in art, you are in for a treat. It is so liberating and such a relief. When we have a practice like this, ease and flow start to show up in the rest of our lives.

Cost includes all art materials ($80) a home baked morning tea and GST.

Enrol for your preferred class on Friday or Saturday. You can swop occasionally if there is room in the other class.


Early Bird by Nov 18th: $310

Pay $100 deposit to book your place and pay the balance on week 1 or by arrangement.

Venue: East Fremantle Home Studio,

I am really looking forward to this new course packed to the brim on every level. I hope you can join me.

All levels of experience are welcome.

Group size 6 – 10