Masterclass in glazing luminous colour with acrylics in chiaroscuro

Step by step

Duration: One full day workshop 9.30am - 5.30pm,

East Fremantle | Scheduled Dates


A packed masterclass workshop learning how to paint luminous colours with glazing with acrylics in chiaroscuro, using the flying bird as our focus.

Chiaroscuro is the use of strong contrasts between light and dark.

Glazing is layering up transparent or semi-transparent colours to create brilliant luminous colours. For example, you could create a luminous orange with several layers of red, magenta and yellow. This creates far more depth of colour that direct painting, as the light shines through the layers and reflects back. The paint is mixed with a glaze medium instead of water, which suspends the colours and creates more light refraction.


You will be painting at least two flying bird paintings. We start the day by loosening up our bird drawing/painting skills with layering pastels so when you come to paint your bird on board you can capture the bird in flight more easily.

We start by painting the birds in burnt umbers, black and white and allow that to dry.

We experiment with glazing on to backgrounds of burnt umber, black and white, learning how to create different colours, depth and light, through layering transparent colours with the glaze medium.


You learn how to glaze onto your birds  to create depth, luminosity of colour and movement.

Traditional Glazing

Look here for a great article by Jonathon  Jansen on how Vermeer applied glazes.


You need to have experience in mixing colours to attend.


$215 includes prepared boards, glaze medium and pastels and paper. Bring your own acrylics and brushes. I will supply paints and brushes if you don’t already have supplies for an extra $15. Please let me know at least three days before the workshop if you need paints and brushes.

If you have attended a colour mixing course or a Bali Art retreat with me you pay $150 ($65 discount).

Acrylic paints: you need black, white, burnt umber, cool and warm colours of red,yellow and blue e.g. a cadmium red and a magenta, an ochre and cadmium yellow and a pthalo and ultramarine blue.

Brushes: you need a variety of  sizes between  1 and 25. I will bring along brushes too, just in case.

Morning and afternoon tea are provided. Please bring a plate to share for lunch.

Book with a $60 deposit including Early Bird.

Early Bird $195 until March 7th

Past Colour mixing students $150

Max group size 6 -10

Home Studio in East Fremantle




Milkmaid by Vermeer