Brilliant Colour and Light with Pastel and Paint

How to 'see' and paint Brilliant colours and Light in pastel and acrylic paint

Step by step

Duration: 6 week course, Fridays 9.30 -12.30 Nov 12 - Dec 17, East Fremantle Home Studio, | Scheduled Dates

A packed course full of great tips on how to see, mix and glaze colour and light with acrylics and pastels. Looking at the masters, in particular, Bonnard, Turner and Monet and creating your own works with their palettes. You will walk away knowing how to mix and create luminous colours on paper and board.

Being able to capture colour and light on paper or canvas is my passion.

I find the main challenge with capturing colour is being able to “see” colour. A room full of reflected light on white walls could be full of a hundred hues of grey blues, violets, golden whites and pink greys. And within those colours there would be many, many varying degrees of light and dark tones. Most of us see a few shades of grey, not this huge beautiful palette of colour. Learning how to see, and then make these colours, is what makes your paintings sing.

Learning how to see this helps all aspects of painting whether it be realistic or abstract, as it will help expand the depth, resonance and brilliance of your work.

In this intensive and fun course:

  • Learn how to see the different tones within colours and to see the subtle differences in between similar colours. To ‘see’ and mix the subtle tones of violets, blues greens, browns or pinks in a single leaf. Or the many hues of colour on your finger.
  • Learn how to mix different palettes of colour, using the master painters as  reference a Monet palette versus a Turner palette.
  • Learn how to create one colour in different ways: blending, glazing, mark making.
  • Learn how to have a conversation with colour in your work so that the whole painting converses in balance.
  • Learn how to push and pull form with colour and line, whether it be an abstract like Kandinsky or a realist painting where an obvious depth of field required.
  • Learn which colours and lights create different moods and different times of day.
  • Then learn how to mix them in acrylic paint and apply them to canvas.
  • Learn how to build up your colours by glazing on layers of transparent colours in acrylic paint. This creates great luminosity.
  • Learn the old masters glazing technique of building colours on a black and white background.

I use pastels as an introduction to seeing and finding the colour and then move onto acrylic paint to learn how to mix the colours.

All paper, paint, pastels, and colour charts are provided.

Beginners and experienced artists are welcome.

Home-baked Morning tea is provided.

Pay upfront or in instalments.


Bring a Friend $420

$420 Early Bird by Nov 1st

Book now with $100 deposit to get your early bird.

If you would like to pay the balance before the course starts, please contact me for details.

Group size 8 – 10

The Dining Room in the Country by Pierre Bonnard

JMW Turner ‘Sun setting over a Lake’