Mandala of Love - I am Enough

Create a Mandala for self-love

Duration: 5 week course Friday August 2nd or Saturday August 3rd 9.30am - 12.30pm | Scheduled Dates

Knowing that we are enough is at the core of nearly everything we do. When this self-love comes into play our hearts shine and we can jump into the flow and discover, celebrate and expand our relationships and gifts with ease.

Learn a technique to discover the one thing, that is personal to you, to increase your self acceptance, your self love. We use the five weeks to create a new habit around this to step into this expanded life.

Be guided through a series of different visualizations that empower you and open your heart to allow more love, joy and creativity to flow in your life. This affects everything in your life. Each visualization creates a part of the mandala.

The mandala also helps to create balance and harmony within you and the Tree of Life, a self portrait or divine feminine to ground and hold you.

Learn how to draw with pastels on a painted acrylic base. Pastels are a beautiful way to experiment especially when you are a beginner.

There will be plenty of help with painting and drawing skills to help you more easily express yourself.

Beginner and experienced artists are welcome.

Group size 5 – 10

Fee:$380 Includes all materials.

Early bird $350 until July 21st

Bring a friend $350 anytime.

Home baked morning tea provided.

I Am Enough

I Am Enough by Dawn

By Chris Skeggs

By Catherine