Kids Creative Expression

Tuesdays 3.30 - 5pm

Duration: 5 weeks | Scheduled Dates

The emphasis in the classes is on playful, creative freedom to engage the heart and creative flow. There will be just enough structure to enable the children to learn a skill in which they can freely express themselves.

Sometimes there will be very short guided visualisations, to enter into their magical land and space where they feel free to create.

We will start this 5 weeks with a group mural. It’s emphasis is on complete free flow with a limited palette so no matter what the kids do, the mural will work. It’s great for kids to paint imagery that is bigger than themselves. It opens up all kinds of possibilities for them.

The following week we will start to cut up and create with the mural into both flat and sculptural forms using mixed media. Using story and the creative imagination of the children the scultptures and paintings will develop around them.

These classes are for 5 to 9 year olds. But please contact me if you are interested in classes for children up to age 12.

$150 Includes all materials.

Group size 4 – 8

The course dates are unusual because I am running the classes between my art tour dates in Bali and India.


Here’s a little look at the mural the children at Beehive Montessori in Cottesloe, Perth, WA, created with a bit of help from me and some great volunteers.

Creating a mural with Beehive Montessori from Dawn Meader on Vimeo.