Manifest Your Heart's Desire

Manifest your dream

Duration: 5 week course, Fridays, 9.30am -12.30pm, April 30 - May 28 | Scheduled Dates

Manifest your dream. A dream that is aligned with who you truly are, a dream that makes you thrive.

During this 5 week course we will aim to bring more joy and authenticity into your life through art.

We are going to focus on one thing only – your dream. Create your beloved. Manifest your home. Open your heart to receive more love in your life. Create better heath. Create more inner peace. Is it any of these?

Part of this involves creating the habits that are in alignment with the dream you want to manifest. Often are habits sabotage our dreams.

In five weeks you will paint and create new links into your being.

The class will help you learn the following:

Get clarity on what you want to manifest through creative visualizations so you can listen to your higher self speaking to you.

Paint or draw a picture of you thriving in your dream. Putting creative energy into your thoughts makes them much more powerful.

You will learn to design your painting with studies.

You will learn to mix a palette and create a painting with mixed media including acrylic paints and  pastels

Using a gratitude journal and happiness habits will also help you manifest your dream.

This is a powerful and fun course. I will be giving you plenty of inspiration and technical help.

As a group we will support and inspire one another on many levels.

Paper, paint and pastel is supplied along with delicious morning tea.

All classes are held at my Home Studio in East Fremantle.

$350 includes all art materials (unless you decide to work on canvas) and morning tea.

$330 Early bird until April 20th

Enrol with just a deposit of $60 now.


The Journey - Dawn Meader