Manifesting your Life in 2022

Manifesting your Life in 2022

Create a life that makes your heart sing

Duration: One and a half day workshop.

Vancouver Art Centre, Albany

Sat Jan 22nd , 2 - 4pm, Sun Jan 23rd, 9 - 5pm

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What would you like to create in your life in 2022 and what qualities would you like to bring to your life?

This workshop centres around creating a life that is alignment with your true essence.

In this fun and powerful workshop we will look at the key areas of relationships, health, spirituality, career, finance, play and creativity.

Saturday 2- 4pm

You’ll start your artwork by painting an acrylic  base on 200gsm Canson watercolour paper. I’ll show you how to paint different backgrounds to inspire your choice. After this has dried, we’ll  start on the centre of the mandala, your spiritual centre, in pastels.

Sunday 9 -5pm

Through a series of deep guided visualizations that journey through the areas above, we will tune into your higher self and see what you want to manifest. What is going to make you thrive? What is going to make your heart sing? What is going to create a greater flow in your life? We will take this answer, make a clear intention with it and paint and draw it in your mandala. Learn how to do this with an open heart.

We keep tuning into the state of I AM….This will bring so much more peace into your life as you create more of who you truly are at your core.

The mandala can sit in a tree of life to ground and centre your intention, or it can be your own heart centre… or it may become something quite different.

To create from the heart through focused intention whilst creating is a very good way of manifesting the seeds of your creativity into existence. It also acts as great balance in your life.

There will be plenty of help with drawing and painting skills to help you more easily express yourself.

Beginner and experienced artists are welcome.

“Dawn’s mandala workshop is a warm, safe and invigorating space to explore your sacred goals. Guided meditations help you create your mandala for your best year ever. Dawn is a treasure – a talented artist and wonderful teacher.” Pip Brennan


Early bird until Jan 5th $280

$320 full price.

$280 Bring a friend

Book with just a $100 deposit and pay the balance on the day or online beforehand. Please ask me for details.

All art materials, morning and afternoon tea are included.

Please bring a lunch to share

Please scroll down to book.

“I have had an amazing year, and I feel this helped! So far, 8 out of the 9 things I was manifesting have eventuated.

I had my painting mounted in a frame and it is in our living area so that I see it all of the time. My framer is happy to replace the painting in the frame each year.” Beck Tichbon




Dawn’s work in progress