Releasing your Sun Heart

Mandala and mixed media painting and drawing

Duration: Seven week course | Scheduled Dates


Imagine that your heart is a compressed sun that you have squeezed into your body. This 7 week course is about releasing this tremendous light and expanding it out into your life.
It’s about unleashing that infinite source of love, joy and compassion that expands out into your life and echoes back into you.

The focus is on light; on the 7 habits to revealing the light that is naturally in you.

As a bonus, there will be a free Group mural workshop as a way of opening up to the flow more. It is also really good fun and a great way to learn about colour too.

Set yourself Free in a group mural from Dawn Meader on Vimeo.


Week 1 and 2
Create a mandala based on a series of guided visualizations to open and release your sun heart. This will be in acrylic and pastel on paper.
Attention will be on 7 Keys and habits that are personal to you for Manifesting a life of joy and fulfilment

Week 3 – 8
Using any seeds from the mandala, create a painting or series of paintings around the theme of Light and Releasing and Expanding your heart. This could be another mandala on canvas. Or it could be a realistic image or an abstract image, on canvas or paper. In week 3, I will help you choose how you would like to work.

How I help you
I love to give guided visualizations but I also love to teach you techniques for painting and drawing. There will be direction on colour mixing, capturing light, tone and balance, in both abstract and realism. You could also add collage and printing.

We will be working with the principals from the <a href=””>Brilliant Light and Colour course</a>.

Beginner and experienced artists are welcome.

Most materials are provided, except for the canvas or paper that you choose to create on during weeks 3 – 8.

Pay just a non-refundable $70 deposit to book your place.


$420 in total.

You can pay the balance in 2 payments on Week 1 and Week 4.

Pay at least $200 on Week 1.

If you want to pay in full please contact me. My booking system can only take deposits or full payment.

You can swop Saturday and Thursday classes if you cannot come one week

Thank you. I am really looking forward to creating together.

Group size 8 – 10