Discovering your Goddess of Sensuality and Vitalty

One day pastel and paint workshop.

East Fremantle studio

Sun Oct 31st, 9.30 - 5.30pm

Duration: | Scheduled Dates


Create a life-size Goddess painting of yourself to bring in more vitality and sensuality into your life.

Learn all about the power of turquoise and coral to help you experience and express your senses.

Turquoise is playful, spontaneous and all about clear creative communication.

Coral is sensitive, empathic, caring and wisely gentle.

We will warm up with some dancing to get your senses all ready for a great day of expression, followed by some fast drawing to awaken your senses and comfort in drawing.

The rest of the day will be creating your life size Goddess picture of yourself which will reflect the expression of different senses within your body.

There will be visualizations, aromatherapy and oils to enhance your experience.

We will be using colour to awaken your sense. Every colour relates to a different sense. For example, orange is related to the sense of taste and also your sacral chakra (belly button area) Therefore, when you draw your tummy you will awaken it with tasting delicious surprises and do a visualization around orange to see which foods most nourish your body.

This workshop is a powerful and highly enjoyable gift to yourself. There will be plenty of help with drawing,  painting and design skills to help you more easily express yourself.

Create in acrylic paint, draw and add with fabrics or paper with pastels on top of 220gsm Canson  paper.

Includes paper, paint and pastels.

Beginner and experienced artists are welcome.

Morning tea and delicious  snacks are provided to keep your creative juices flowing. Bring a plate to share for lunch.

Group size max 10

Early bird $220 by Oct 18.

Full price $250. Book with $100 deposit and pay balance on the day.

Mothers and daughters or bring a friend $220 each.

Sensual Goddess Art Workshop - Dawn Meader

Sensual Goddess