Journey into your Gifts

Finding and expressing
your vision, your gifts and your creativity in your everyday life

Duration: One day workshop 9-5.30 | Scheduled Dates

In this workshop we link up your visionary self with your gifts.

The more scared we are of our calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.” writes Steven Pressfield in The War of Art.

In this workshop we use the image of the boat to express your creative journey in life, and, we also learn an easy pastel technique for creating great atmospheric water and sky scenes.
Through a series of guided meditations we explore your creative life, your passions and the pathway to expressing that in your daily life and your purpose.

We use the colours orange and blue as our base. In orange we explore nurturing your creativity and your sensuality. Orange is about honouring and growing the creative voice that yearns to be expressed in your everyday life. This could be the way you run your business, create a home or a more defined creative pursuit like painting or dance. In blue we explore opening the gateway to your intuition, which gives you access to your creative seeds and visions. Blue and Orange are complementary colours so when working together they create greater harmony and balance in your life.

Orange is also full of joy and sensuality. We use a little movement to warm you up and aromatherapy and music to get you in the groove. You will create an acrylic paint base and draw with pastels on top of 200gsm Canson watercolour paper. If you bring your own pastels there is a $10 discount.

Includes all materials. Beginner and experienced artists are welcome.

We usually bring a lunch to share.


$200 early bird book by Nov 25th

Group size 5 – 10

Sensual Journeys on Water by Anita Revel

by Anita Revel from a previous class

by Robbie Scotney from a previous class