Paint the 7 year cycles of your life

On a mobile temple

Duration: 9 week course | Scheduled Dates

March 13 Fridays 9.30 – 12.30pm OR

March 14 Saturdays 9.30 -12.30pm

Break for Easter weekend April 10 and 11, East Fremantle Home Studio

Paint your own Kaavad, a mobile temple from Rajasthan which traditionally often tells stories from the Bhagavad Gita. This one will be the story of your life in seven year cycles, exploring your gifts and your dark gifts (growth through challenge).

New viewpoints can emerge as we paint and pour creativity into these cycles.

You can view your life in 3 , 7 and 12 year cycles. Many have studied the 7 year cycle, in particular Steiner. Which you can read about here.

As you revisit your life you can see that there are indeed many valleys and mountains with chapters of great growth and challenge and relative peace and calm, each time creating opportunites to fully experience life.

Through guided visualization we will discover the gifts, and the dark gifts of each cycle.

In each cycle we will also give a gift from the present you to your past self. Some cycles may have been particularly challenging and this gift from the present is insightful and can be healing.

The mobile temple is made of several panels that open up to reveal a final back panel. The back panel will symbolize your pure essence. It is that part of you that is ever present, all knowing and all loving; your eternal divine spark.

The other panels will symbolise a 7 year cycle in your life.


Week 1 and 2

Outside doors

We meet your guardians, the unconditional love that has always been there for you, however that shows up for you. It could be your ancestors, angels, your guides, the inner divine masculine and feminine.

Inside Doors                                       Your maternal and paternal ancestral line and the gifts that they have brought to you in this lifetime.


First centre inside panel. Your first seven years. Where and how you began this lifetime in your seedling years.


Week 3 Years 7 – 14, 14 -21

Week 4 Years 21 -28, 28 – 35

Week 5 Years 35 – 42, 42 – 49

Week 6 Years 49 -56 and 56 -63

Week 7 63 -70 and beyond

If you are in your 30s, 40s and 50s you can move forward into future cycles as we journey past your lived life, and also give more attention to the painting of your lived cycles. You could paint double panels for your cycles. There are many options.

Week 8

You paint the exterior of your temple. This will be the antidote to the main challenge in your life. For example, my challenge is that I spend a lot of time meditating and in my imagination and sometimes think too much.I can become ungrounded. So my antidote is to earth myself, be in nature, get my hands in soil and grow things. So I might paint plants. I love gardening.

Week 9

Finishing off our temples. We could have a little exhibition with all our temples.


If you have to miss a week you can come for an extra day on another week.

We will be working in acrylic paints. All materials are provided. The temples have been made in Rajasthan and shipped over by Kamlesh (from our India tours).

Each panel comes out so it will be easy to work with. The temple is 30cm high, 15.5cm wide and 10.5cm deep.

Art techniques

You may choose to paint abstract or realism.There will be plenty of guidance with design and initial drawing skills to get your image working, choosing your palette and colour mixing.

We will be doing a number of exercises that help you to see the patterns, textures and colours of your life.

On Week 1, I will teach a very easy way to draw people.

I am so excited about this course.I ran it for the first time last year. It proved to be very healing and insightful for many participants. I first came across the Kaavads a few years ago in Kamlesh’s shop in ancient Jaisalmer. I have always loved the way the panels open up the stories. Shortly I will have 20 white Kaavad’s here with me in East Fremantle, waiting for them to be filled with such beautiful life journeys; stories of depth and heart. Your story is very important and worth telling, for yourself and for your loved ones.

We will be working in acrylic paints. All materials are provided.

Friday or Saturday Mornings

If you can’t make it one week on your day, you can swop your days or even come on a Wednesday 6.30 – 9.30pm for a catch- up.


For 9 weeks

$490 Early Bird until March 2nd. Pay a $100 deposit to book.

$630 inc GST after March 2nd

Pay the balance on week 1, or in 3 installments.

A little painting or drawing experience would be preferable.

Home-baked Morning tea is provided.

Group size 6 – 10

Traditional Rajasthani Kaavad



The beginnings of my Temple with my Guardians



My mother is English and my father Anglo-Indian. I was born in Kent in England. We spent much time in nature and lived on an island for many years.My siblings and nature fill me with my mother always close by.

All the panels come out easily to paint

Marg’s Kaavad

Maybe just use colour to express your life