Art supplies to bring for your art retreat in Dunsborough

I will be supplying many of the art supplies but you will need you own kit for when we are out on a trip.


ACRYLICS  Titanium white, Cadmium red, Magenta ( or alizarin crimson or quinacridone) , Cadmium or lemon yellow, Ultramarine blue, Pthalo blue ,Yellow ochre or yellow oxide, Black.

Don’t worry about mixing up acrylics brands eg you can use Matisse paints with Atelier. You may have some that are interactive and some that are not. That’s ok.

WATERCOLOURS If you would also like to use watercolours for sketching. You can get a variety of travel sets at art stores. These are not necessary, but bring them if you have them.


Bring a variety of brushes from size 2 to 25. You can often buy packets of good brushes, very cheaply. Make sure some of them go to a point at the end. The 25 size is good for your big washes.


A pad of Watercolour A3 300 Gsm paper x 15 or 12 sheets. Smooth or medium surface. Arches paper is wonderful but there are other cheaper brands that are also good. Bockingford Watercolour paper 230 x 305mm 300gsm 12 sheets (similar to A4) is very good value.


Pastels really vary in quality and price. Student quality (Mungyo/ Gallery artists dry soft pastels in half sticks are very reasonable or you could get artist’s quality Rembrandt dry soft pastels.

Also bring

B Lead pencils and a sharpener or knife

Conte pencils sepia, black and white

A waterproof pen, eg micro pen (size 03 is average)


A glue stick in case you want to collage into your work.

Masking tape

Scissors or your knife/blade

Jar with lid for water or you can use water bottle.

Rags for wiping brushes.

You may like to get a Tupperware container for your paints, pencil and rubber.

Something to sit on when working. Bring a fold up chair or if you like to sit on the ground, a poncho/rain coat or sarong.

We will be walking for shorter treks with some of your supplies so make sure you have a comfortable bag to carry everything in.