The Best Colour Mixing Tip

This tip is so simple. Some colours are just a little harder to mix than others; the less obvious ones, like flesh tones or shadows. You cannot find them on the colour wheel but you can use the colour wheel to help you mix them. Hold up your wheel next to the colour you are […]

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Meeting the Black Madonna

I stood outside the Camargue church in the South of France next to a strong gypsy woman clapping to the flamenco dance of her sisters dancing in front of her. They danced in their floral knee length dresses, hips undulating to the claps of the circle of hearts that surrounded them. My gypsy neighbour elbowed […]

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How to see and paint colour

Would you be interested in learning how to “see’ colour more? To see the grey that is really a violet or a green. Colour is so evocative and although you can feel your way into learning about colour, there are some practical ways of studying it too. Read on and try out some of these […]

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Dancing with the Kalbeliya Tribe

I have been reminding Kamlesh, every week since I arrived in Rajasthan that I want to spend more time with the Kalbeliya gypsies. He doesn’t need reminding and is patient with me. He told me that a family are camped on his father’s farm, about an hour and a half’s drive from Jasailmer. I have […]

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Bring Peace and Calm into your Life

There are always times in our lives when peace and calm seem a long way away. Here is a technique that I have found very helpful for restoring peace and the sense of expansion that comes with it. It will also help clear you and open your heart. When we are stressed, creativity usually doesn’t […]

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Dancing on the Boat in Pastel

Don’t let your ego hold you ransom

Don’t let your ego hold you ransom To what is possible and not possible in your life Don’t let it stand there With it’s foot on your chest As you lie there Stand UP Take back your Life You are so powerful You are so much bigger than you can imagine You have unlimited creativity […]

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