You are Nature

You are Nature

Create a mandala/ self portrait in Pastel and Paint

Duration: One and a half day workshop.

Garden Studio, East Fremantle, WA

Sat April 30 , 2 - 4pm, Sun May 1, 9 - 5pm

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You are made of the same stuff as butterflies, roses, moss, rivers and mountains. You are Nature and you are divine love in essence. Both are the same. When you are this, you are in peace and natural rhythm.

Create a mandala through a series of guided visualisations that can take you into a state of deep peace and connection to nature and love.

There are so many worries and things to keep our minds preoccupied and cause a state of anxiety. This is not who you are at your core. You are space and peace, love and creativity. You are the flow of a mountain river and a bird in flight.

You are not a machine. You are grace.

Set in the studio garden.

Using pastels and paints I will gently guide  to express yourself so that your nature can be expressed onto paper with joy and ease.

Divine love is all things. You are this.

When we create from this peace, your pastel becomes a healing work of art for you, in both it’s creations and afterwards.


Learn how to layer pastel and paint to create brilliant colour and light .Beginner and experienced artists are welcome.

“Dawn creates the most beautiful, accepting creative space in her classes. The inspiration and encouragement to create art that resonates with a place deep within feels like a day of meditation. A delight to experience. Thank you.” Nadine Reeves.

$250 All art materials, morning and afternoon tea are included.

Book with just a $100 deposit and pay the balance on the day or online beforehand. Please ask me for details.

Please bring a lunch to share

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“Dawn’s classes are a magical experience, one minute meditating, the next painting from those inspirations. Sometimes learning about advanced colour theory and the next dancing to switch brain space and group ourselves. The groups are fun, full of beautiful people at all levels of artistic endeavour and Dawn gently guides us all to rise to our best self expression in what we are painting. I love these classes:)” Rebecca Spyker